Center for Innovative Sintered Products

Fundamental and Applied R&D in Sintered Materials

Benefits of Membership

CISP focuses on moving sintered materials and sintered structures to higher performance levels. We seek key industrial participation from fabricators, suppliers, users, equipment manufacturers, and software developers. CISP provides a valuable research resource to members through the following benefits:

Memorandum of Agreement (PDF format)

Research Partnerships

Working with the Director, the CISP members select topic areas for new projects and mentor ongoing projects. Members also have access to federal funding opportunities and industrial speakers at meetings.

Interaction with Faculty at Penn State

In addition to CISP's directly funded research, members regularly interface with faculty who are pursuing technological advances in related topics in high temperature engineering materials and particulate materials.


Members have access to some of the nation's leading graduate students in the field of refractory and hard materials. These long-term relationships afford wise hiring decisions for company members.


CISP members can obtain rights to inventions developed through CISP research.

Technology Transfer

Members are the first to obtain the technical data developed by CISP projects, as well as the methodology used to conduct inventions and processes, providing a competitive advantage.

Research Reviews

Faculty and students present reviews of CISP-sponsored research, industry updates, and leveraged research programs at annual meetings.


Members receive bi-annual reports of research results, and M.S. and Ph.D. theses are sent as they become available, keeping members up-to-date with the most current research.

Symposia and/or Short Courses

Symposia are periodically organized to address particular problems of interest, such as sintering, powder characterization, and shape forming. Members have the opportunity to address corporate research issues at these symposia.

Visiting Scientists at CISP

A number of member companies invest in the continuing education of their researchers by sending them to work at Penn State, alongside CISP personnel.