Center for Innovative Sintered Products

Fundamental and Applied R&D in Sintered Materials

Testing and Services

The Center for Innovative Sintered Products at University Park offers extensive laboratory services for routine analysis or materials processing. The 20,000 sq. foot (1858 sq. meter) state-of-the-art Center has expanded from supporting internal testing and analysis to offering these services to private industry and other academic institutions. Our cooperative alliance with other laboratories across the university provides expanded access to high-tech equipment for all testing needs. Please contact us to request a quote for these tests.

Thermal Analysis
DSC ⁄ DTA ⁄ TGA (H2, Ar, N2, air, vacuum, max 1500°C)
Dilatometry (H2, Ar, N2, air, max 1500°C)
Heat Treatment
Particle Size Measurements
Laser Scattering—Wet or Dry Dispersion (0.01–3000µm)
Sedimentation (centrifugal or gravitational, 0.01–300µm)
Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM): secondary or backscatter
EDS—Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy: EDAX
Quantitative Image Analysis: grain size, porosity, etc.
X–Ray Diffraction
Identifies Compounds Present
Density Measurements
Pycnometer Density (theoretical density using helium)
Envelope Density
Apparent Density
Tap Density
Archimedes Density
Metallographic Mounting, Polishing
Cut–Off Saws, water cooled
Light Microscope (50x to 1000x)
Optical Binocular (4x to 70x)
Furnace Use
Retort (H2, Ar, max 1000°C); 0.4 cu ft.
Tube Furnace (H2, N2, Ar, max 1500°C)
Tungsten Element Furnace (vacuum, N2, Ar); 0.8 cu ft.
Graphite Element Furnace (vacuum, max 2000°C)
Rapid Heat Box Furnace (max 1700°C); 0.7 cu ft.
Hydrogen Box Furnace (50% or higher H2, balance N2)
Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS); Ar, N2, H2, 2200°C, 80 mm die, 175 kN
Shape Forming and Feedstock Preparation
Cold Isostatic Pressing
Experimental Milling of Powders
Rod or Ball Milling, Attritor, Vibratory, Double Planetary
Mechanical Testing
Rockwell Hardness
Microhardness: Vickers, Knoop
Tensile Testing
Three–Point and Four–Point Bend
Fatigue Testing, Uniaxial
Wear Testing