Center for Innovative Sintered Products

Fundamental and Applied R&D in Sintered Materials

Working with CISP

Testing and Services

Straightforward efforts based on use of existing experimental capabilities on a per-test basis.

Gifts or Grants-in-Aid

Best known as scholarships and fellowships, but often including gifts to help with the overall program such as donated equipment, materials or funds with no deliverables expected.


(PDF format) Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)

Standard agreement for measurement, composition, or fabrication that includes analysis and interpretation of test results. Efforts include participation by staff and students with specific deliverables for the sponsor.

Sponsored Research Agreement

Formally negotiated contract between Penn State and the sponsor that covers funding and payments, technical statement of work, intellectual property rights, and any other concerns.

Short courses ⁄ Seminars

Our objective for offering short courses, workshops, and conferences is to disseminate information regarding sintering and powder technology. We offer courses covering all aspects of the powder industry, including process inputs, characterization, processing methods, applications, and evaluation of products. Different courses cover material at various levels of understanding and experience to meet the needs of a wide audience that includes students, new employees in the field, technicians, managers and researchers.

Our latest initiative is to offer industry personnel an opportunity to receive on-site training. This allows a company the benefit of training several individuals at one time without the additional expense of travel, hotel costs, etc. CISP has several refined, high-quality short courses and seminars ready for presentation. They can be customized to meet the needs and specialities of a company. We offer courses on the following topics:

Students learning about the image analysis systems at CISP
  • Fracture and Failure Analysis in PM
  • Hard and Refractory Metals
  • Introduction to Ceramics and Ceramic Engineering
  • Introduction to Powder Metallurgy
  • Liquid Phase Sintering
  • Powder Characterization
  • Powder Injection Molding
  • Powder Metallurgy of Iron and Steel
  • Sintering Concepts - Theory to Application